It only seems right to speak about this as it is the 28th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster, however it isn’t the easiest thing to speak about. It’s hard to find the words to describe just how much of a tragedy this was. It was a total disgrace how the families of the 96 and the people of Liverpool were treated from that day, right up until now. It is crazy to think that after all this time, it is only the first year that the world knows the truth that the people of Liverpool knew all along.


After all the years of fighting for justice the families got what they deserved. They were never alone though, despite rivalries in football, whenever it came to the Hillsborough disaster the football world has always been united. Every anniversary other football teams pay their respects, there’s no sign of people forgetting the 96, every year there seems to be more and more done to pay tribute to the 96. Not just in England, many teams from around the world pay tribute, especially Borussia Dortmund, who Liverpool seem to have a special connection with, but the club that stands out when it comes to this is Everton, Liverpool’s local rivals. Despite there being a massive rivalry between them, the Hillsborough disaster had an affect on both clubs, the people who died were friends and family of evertonians. Everton have always shown support to Liverpool when it comes to this, just this week they have banned the sun from all areas of the clubs operation, albeit for different reasons. In my opinion it should have been banned a long time ago, and more clubs should follow, because time and time again they just prove themselves to be a disgrace.




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